Hello everyone!!

I’m so happy to be in such a creative curve at the moment! I was worried that the quarantine lockdown might have stifled my creativity and slowed the normal processes right down, especially as all my plans for this year now won’t happen; no travel, no live music anywhere; no showcases! 

My 2020 plans are fully on hold at the moment but it certainly hasn’t stopped me working! The creativity has been working overtime and I’m really enjoying it!

I’ve a lot of new and exciting things happening; collaborations, more new music, more releases, promotional videos and much, much more! I’m so looking forward to sharing all these exciting things with you.

Reminiscing - my new single

First, let’s have a talk about my latest single ‘Reminiscing’

Break Up Songs. Weve all heard them. If youre a songwriter, chances are its something youve written about in one way or another. Finding new love and losing love has to be the most universally
relatable subject going.

I wrote the song from a very personal experience. Often you get music first and then the lyrics or the other way around. For this one it was almost simultaneous! The guitar came first, but as I started to enjoy
the little chord sequence I
d started playing I started singing over the top of it.


Im really happy with the song, its less on the heart-broken side of things, its more about plain disappointment. Im sure many of you have experienced that despondency when you truly believe you have found someone special only for them to let you  down so badly that it seems their whole being is one big lie. I wasnt hurting over it, I was just feeling fed up that things often dont go how you think and hope they would!

But hey, we live and learn!

When it comes to the video, I had this idea to film similar shots of me standing (or lying!) in different locations singing so that we could switch the same shot of me but with a different background. 



It seemed like a good idea but when we started filming I decided to wear two different tops per location so that we would then be able to switch from one top to another but in the same location! I think it turned out really well.

Id like to give a mahoosive shoutout to my friend Becky Rollins for helping me with 95% of the shots, spot her during the teddy bear scene! Becky stood with the camera making sure everything was focussed for every single shot. By the end of filming I think she knew the words to ‘Reminiscing’ better than I did!

Once we’d completed the filming, I needed help to piece it all together. I had the footage, I had the vision but what I didn’t have were the tools to bring it to life. I had worked on my promo videos with Dave Armstrong of DAM Productions before so I decided to ask him for some help with cutting the video to my satisfaction.  

Because of the COVID-19 situation, we werent able to work on the video together so we spent a lot of time on skype using screen share. 

There was a huge amount of dedication needed on both ends, organising what times worked and communicating only via internet – it was certainly different to anything I’d been involved in before! Massive props to Dave for all his patience, help and time from every individual shot to getting just the right font for the credits.


I have a lot of plans for the near future with regards to more music and videos and Im having lotof meetings with my manager with regards to future plans!

No teddies were hurt in the making of this video!

Ive made music videos before, Headphones, Crazy and Is It Strange, but Equal and Reminiscing have both been original ideas from just me. My songs, my ideas, my vision, my film production, my final cut.

Ive really enjoyed making them and being able to express myself through music and film is such a magical thing for me.

I hope you enjoy the song and the video!



Mae xxx

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