Looking Back on 2019

Mae Challis IOM TT 2019 perfmance 2

2019! What a Year That Was!


2019 has been the best year of my life by a mile – so far! This is just a small handful of the fantastic times I had this year!

Mae challis passed her bike test 2019

I passed my bike test! After failing more than once I really proved to myself that dogged determination really does pay off.

I got to see Twenty One Pilots live – and ‘happy cried’ – I’ve been in love with this band and their music for many years! I had their ‘Trench’ album in my car for several months before finally getting to see them. 


By the time the band played the song ‘Neon Gravestones’ my brother Beau had me on his shoulders and I knew every word. It was truly a moment that I hope I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It’s an incredibly powerful song and if you haven’t heard it I suggest you go and listen to it right now!

Mae challis 21 pilots 2019
Mae challis holiday with mum 2019

I went on holiday with my Mum and to celebrate my 21st birthday we went to see Newton Faulkner live! I grew up with Newton’s music, and as he’s a guitar playing singing songwriter I’ll always have massive respect for him! He’s a one man band at it’s finest and I love the way he manages to hold the audiences attention throughout his whole show!

I worked (my ass off) on a beautiful dairy farm and learned the real definition of ‘hard work’! I’m sure one day when I’m out on tour I’ll feel a bit tired and worn out! But I’ll look back on getting out of bed at 4am to single handedly round up 230 cows and getting all of the milk into the tank before 7:30am and I’ll realise it’s not so bad! I had some incredible days on that farm, but I had some days where I have never known tiredness like I did then.

Mae Challis worked on a dairy farm iom 2019
mae challis and friends at a concert in Brussels 2019

I travelled to Brussels to meet my brother and his girlfriend Loni and sample everything that the Rock Werchter Festival had to offer! This was only the second time I had travelled off the Isle of Man on my own so even getting there and back was an achievement in itself for me! We saw so many bands and singers that weekend that I sometimes forget exactly who we saw but highlights were Florence and the Machine, Pink, Lewis Capaldi, Muse, Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975 of course and so many more! I also met some fantastic new friends!!

I realised one of my dreams when I played the Bushy’s Village main stage during the Isle of Man TT Festival with my amazing band – twice! Once as a normal slot and another for the Charity Day, it’s always a pleasure to support good causes with my favourite thing, music! I always find it amazing how music brings people together, it’s truly magical.

Mae Challis performing at bushys village 2019

I got to experience my first MotoGP at Silverstone! I’ve watched MotoGP so many times on the television with my Dad, so to be able to actually go and experience it first hand was phenomenal! Clean Bandit were playing there as well so I managed to see them too while I was there.

Then I truly followed my dream writing and recording in London with Grammy Award winning producers for 7 weeks! Well, it’s hard to really say anything more about this experience because it left me speechless. The day you get to hear the music we created you will see (and hear) that it speaks for itself!

So much more was crammed into a fantastic 365 days – but I won’t rub it in! 😉!


Belfast, Manchester, Brussels, Silverstone, Glasgow, London! 28 flights in all, new friends, new music, new experiences and a whole load of beautiful memories!


So thank you and a fond farewell to 2019!



2020, let’s be having you!😍😍😍!!!

Love Mae x

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