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Hello Strangers!

It’s been a busy few months and it’s about time we caught up with each other again! While I’ve been absent on the blog side of things I’ve been lucky enough to start up a band again! I realised how much I’d missed sharing a stage with fabulous musicians as soon as we started practicing and I’d like to introduce you to them!

Firstly, I’ve got my rock legend Manager, Mark Brabbs drumming – as he always has done for me since I was about 14! Mark used to tour the world with his band in the 80s called ‘Tank’. Oh some of the stories he has to tell, I won’t even get started or we’ll be here forever! Though if asked him for a story about me, he would probably go into detail about how he first discovered me singing ‘Happy Birthday’! I’ll save that one for another day!

Robbie Sampson plays bass guitar with us. Robbie has been so loyal to me and if any of you listen to my first E.P released when I was just 16 entitled ‘Released’, then you will be listening to Robbie’s bass on every track!  Funny story, Mark got Robbie in the studio to lay down the bass before I’d even met him! The first thing I knew of Robbie was listening to him on my songs! Soon after that, the very first ‘Mae Challis band’ was formed and I got to meet him at last!  Ahh, the memories!

Nell kneale plays electric and acoustic guitar. I’ve never seen anyone play an electric guitar like Nell. I don’t know exactly how many bands he is in on the Isle of Man, but it seems like he is in almost every one! He’s the busiest person I know and that’s coming from me! He is living evidence that practice makes the world of difference! I also had the pleasure of having him join me in my latest youtube video! That was a lot of fun!

Last but not least I have the lovely Simon Sayle who plays beautiful acoustic rhythm guitar alongside me. He also does some ace backing vocals, which I’d never had the pleasure of having until recently! It’s amazing the difference that just a little extra vocals can make! I really love what Simon brings to the band, he also gives me the freedom to put my guitar down and run around the stage when I want to without worrying about the sound because without my acoustic in the mix, we still sound big, full and lovely! 

Several times now I have met Simon to practice and we ended up spending a whole afternoon sharing songs and music, jamming to whatever took our fancy and getting very little practice of what we intended to do – but it always feels like time well spent when I’m sharing and enjoying my love for music!

So there you have it! My wonderful band. They are all so individual and gigging with them is such a pleasure. The most fun I’ve had in a long time!  

I hope to see you next week! 

Lots of love and cake,

Mae xxx

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