The first ever song came about, purely from my Mum.

She wrote a little jingle, to do with me not tidying my room. We decided to try another, and another, and there it was, the beginning of exciting times to come!

I began, just doing the music. Every chord and melody was my own. Every word and rhyme was Mums.
Little by little I began to give input to the words.

Sometimes, we’d start with what we thought was a killer chorus, which then would become a killer first verse, and another Chorus even better than the first would just flow right on to the page.
Often we start with a personal experience one of us has had that day.
We’ll sit at the table, both with paper and pen and just have a good chat about how we feel about whatever it is we want to write about. From there, we let the ideas naturally grow.

There are no rules to writing. There never will be.
The question of how do you write a song will never be a simple answer. The process changes every single time!
I’ve learnt that everyone has a completely different process to how they go from an idea to a wonderful complete song.

Sometimes, you make the song.
Sometimes, it feels like the song finds you.
Other times it pours out of you like it was always there, just waiting for the right time to make an appearance.
Nowadays, I do more of the words as well as the music.
I’ve composed quite a few songs solely on my own. I get very proud of them calling my own, because I’m used to it being a team effort.

Me and Mum will always be a team, and I suspect that I will always work with her. She knows how I tick and always does an amazing job at turning my emotional rants into beautiful rhythmic poetry.

It’s really great to have someone to bounce ideas around with. At the same time, when I create something myself, the sense of achievement is phenomenal.

Thanks for reading

Until next time,

Mae X

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