‘Soundcheck’ was a part of my journey in music at almost the very beginning and I remember it so well! I was just a shy girl with frizzy hair and no friends. Aside from singing ‘I’m a Believer’ at my primary school’s ‘Ashley Hill’s Got Talent’ contest and getting nowhere, I’d never performed in public before.

Then ‘Soundcheck’ came along and I jumped at the chance of joining their music club! For the first 3-4 weeks I watched, observed and just enjoyed being around other kids of my own age who loved music! 

I remember there being a planned visit from one if the Isle of Man’s VIPs, I think he was the Mayor of Douglas or something, so a small stage was set up in the Club and everyone was invited to sing one or two songs. Jenni Smith was helping run the whole show along with founder Paul Cooper. Jenni asked if I wanted to sing a song and I jumped at the opportunity! At this point in time I had been practicing a song by Remi Nicole called ‘Rock n Roll’ and I stepped up, terrified and sang that song with all my heart! Once I’d finished and stepped down from the stage, Jenni was waiting and said “Wow where did that come from!?” After that, entertaining people and being the centre of attention with my music was all I cared about.

I stayed with the ‘Soundcheck’ team for years and over time I grew in confidence and knew that music was all I wanted to do! They gave me my first studio experience, my first live real gigs and helped me with my self confidence. I never got on well at school and had very few friends ‘Soundcheck’ gave me a sense of belonging and I’m forever grateful for that. As I grew more confident, I knew that music was all I wanted to do!

Jenni is still running ‘Soundcheck’ to this day and I’m so proud of her for all the help she’s giving kids like me to realise their musical ambitions!

I was still attending ‘Soundcheck’ at the age of 14, when Mark Brabbs my fantastic Manager found me! If I hadn’t had the opportunities and experience that ‘Soundcheck’ afforded me, I doubt Mark would have noticed me!

I’m pretty sure there must be places like ‘Soundcheck’ everywhere, so if you are a young music enthusiast or know someone who is, I strongly urge you to get out there and find your own personal ‘Soundcheck’! You never know, you could be starting a very exciting journey!

That’s all for now, see you soon lovers!

All the best,

Mae xxx


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